State of the Art Technology! Cuisinart DCC-3200

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The Cuisinart Perfect Temp 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is made from super-modern stainless steel and is fully automatic with an incredibly comfortable option to automatically turn on and off and a fantastic self-cleaning feature.

This coffee machine has literally incredible state-of-the-art technology. If you want to get much more out of your coffee machine in the morning than a simple, ordinary cup of coffee, then this coffee maker is the one you should definitely focus on.

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Features and Specifications

Stainless Steel
Weighs 8.8 lbs
1-4 Cup Settings


This one falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, it boasts some pretty great features. However, one notable drawback was the poor return policy for the product itself.

Decision Time

While it appears to make generally good coffee and has some really great features, there were some complaints that led to questioning of just how trustworthy and reliable this coffee maker really is.


  • Commercial-Style Gold Tone 
  • Permanent Filter
  • Keep Warm Temperature Control is Adjustable to your Desires
  • Self Cleaning Option is Entirely Automatic
  • 24 Hour Programmable Function


  • Noted to Leak
  • Overflows and may dispense grounds into the coffee
  • Poor return policy

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