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Black and Decker has long been a proven appliance brand in terms of reliability and price options. So if you are looking for an affordable, reliable coffee machine on the market, you should definitely check out the Black and Decker 5-Cup coffee maker!

Compact design

The Black and Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker is extremely compact in design and has tons of incredible features. One of the coolest options is the ability to keep the water in the carafe hot, which is ideal if you like making tea or even hot cocoa!

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Specifications and Features

5 Cup Capacity
Weighs: 4.5 lbs


The Black and Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker comes at a super affordable price and is incredibly user-friendly. You simply can’t beat that if you are just looking for a general cup of coffee in the morning, and Black and Decker always boasts a really great return policy if for any reason you find yourself unsatisfied with the coffee maker itself.

Decision Time

As previously stated, you can’t go wrong with this super simple, user-friendly coffee maker. Black and Decker is a highly trusted name brand company that always provides their customer with excellent customer support and great products if for any reason you purchase this coffee maker and just do not like it. For the price however, you really can’t go wrong here.


  • Removable filter basket for easy cleaning
  • Brews at the perfect temperature
  • Water window is easy to view
  • Cord storage for convenience
  • Great price
  • BPA Free
  • User friendly


  • Manual shut-off
  • Will drip until coffee is entirely brewed

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